Recognise imposter websites

Being the victim of an online hack or scam can happen to anyone. Many of these attacks can be avoided by using caution and security measures. Here are a few tips to help you protect your data and stay safe online.


Website use

Be sure to always check the DEGIRO website URL before entering any personal information.

For our all websites, for al country domains, 'DEGIRO' is always fully spell out. For example, for Hungary it’s:

In addition to checking the URL itself, it’s smart to check if the URL has a closed lock shown in the search bar left of the URL. All official DEGIRO websites have a valid certificate, the lock is proof of this. You can view the certificate by clicking on the lock. A menu will appear where you can choose 'Connection is secure' and go to 'Certificate is valid' to view details.


Websites using the DEGIRO domain without showing this lock are fake and not under our control, please don’t use these websites.


DEGIRO e-mail communication

We use various e-mail addresses to reach out to you. The address we use depends on the type of communication we send to you. If you get an e-mail from us, always check if it’s an official e-mail address:

  • General newsletter communication:
  • E-mails from our Service Desk:
  • While the first part of the e-mail address (before the @) may vary, official DEGIRO e-mail addresses always end with '', '', '' or ''.


Trading platform

There are two ways for you to log in to our trading platform:

  • Directly through the mobile app (Apple or Android)
  • Directly by clicking the button in the top right corner of our official website.


File links

In our communication, we sometimes link to files. These contain extra info to help you find specific information or explain some matters. As with our websites, file links make use of 'DEGIRO' spelled out in full followed by the top-level domain for your country '' or, in case of international documents ''.

Example: In some of our e-mails, if you click on the highlighted word 'Terms and Conditions' you will be redirected to the corresponding PDF file with the description ' of the pdf' or ' of the pdf' or DEGIRO as part of the URL. Never open files or links before you verify the e-mail address.



We don’t ask for your password

If we communicate with you, we will never ask for your password. You can ignore any e-mails, messages, phone calls, websites or people requesting this information. Don’t click on links, hang up the phone and delete e-mails if personal information like this is requested. Please also let our Service Desk know if this happens. In addition, according to our Client Agreement it is prohibited to share your password with a third party.


Check the IBAN when you are transferring money

We may contact you by phone or e-mail in case of a margin call. We'll ask you to transfer money to the IBAN associated with your account to resolve the deficit on your account. If the IBAN in the request is not the same as IBAN displayed in your platform or app, please ignore this request and let our Service Desk know.


Login and financial advice: beware

As an execution-only broker, we don’t provide investment advice. When a (supposed) DEGIRO employee contacts you via phone, e-mail or any other way to give advice or ask for your login details, please don’t respond. Also, we never link to the login page directly. Instead, we might use the official homepage or any other page where you can find the 'Log in' button in the top right corner.


Extra security for your DEGIRO investment account

To add an extra security measure to your account, you have the option to enable two-factor-authentication. This is an additional security setting that you can set up when you are logged in. Set up 2FA in less than five minutes, we explain how in our FAQ. Here are some more ways you can protect your account:

  • You should never share your password
  • It is recommended to change your password every three months
  • It is recommended to use a password with at least 12 characters, containing one upper case letter, one symbol (e.g., !@*^&) and one number
  • Try not to store your password on your phone, PC or in a physical notebook, use a password manager instead
  • Try not to use the 'save password' feature on your phone or computer. Despite its convenience, it’s a security risk
  • Always lock your device
  • Log out of the account when leaving your computer
  • Be careful with unsecured internet such as public WiFi networks
  • Frequently scan your computer or phone for viruses
  • Use a VPN (virtual private network) to establish a secure network connection when using public networks
  • Make sure that the devices you use to login to our trading platform are also safe and secure
  • You should use different passwords for all your accounts (not just DEGIRO accounts)
  • Be aware of different time zones and opening hours for certain exchanges when trading
  • In case of a technical issue, it is also possible to place an order through e-mail or phone, see our FAQ on how this works.
  • Don’t forward e-mails from DEGIRO to others. Your e-mails may contain sensitive account information
  • Instead of connecting your phone to a public charging USB port, use an AC power outlet, portable battery power bank or data-blocker device, for example
  • Always update your DEGIRO app to the latest version

Contact us

If you think you have been a victim of phishing, a scam or an attempted scam, please inform the police or relevant authorities and let us know at:

If you suspect that your account has been compromised and a third-party has unauthorised access to your account, you may request us to temporarily block your account. See our Client Agreement for more information.

Thank you for reporting. If you have fallen victim to cybercrime, please contact the police or your local authorities, especially when there is damage or potential for future damage.

If you also report spam, phishing, scams, or any other types of online attacks to us, you’ll help us with improving our security measures, for you and other investors.

Hozzon létre fiókot könnyedén

Csatlakozzon a több mint 2,5 millió ügyfélhez, akik már megbíznak bennünk.


A befektetés kockázattal jár. Elveszítheti befektetését/ annak egy részét. Azt tanácsoljuk, hogy csak tudásának és tapasztalatának megfelelő pénzügyi termékekbe fektessen be.

A befektetés kockázattal jár. Elveszítheti befektetését/ annak egy részét. Azt tanácsoljuk, hogy csak tudásának és tapasztalatának megfelelő pénzügyi termékekbe fektessen be.

A befektetés kockázattal jár.


A DEGIRO az első, lakossági befektetők rendelkezésére álló diszkontbróker. A DEGIRO lehetővé teszi ügyfelei számára, hogy világszerte egyedülállóan alacsony díjak mellett fektethessék be pénzüket. A DEGIRO-nak köszönhetően bárki befektetheti pénzét a világ minden táján. Korábban befektetésekre gyakran csak az európai vagy amerikai tőzsdén volt lehetőség, a DEGIRO-nál viszont a világ más pontjain található tőzsdékre és termékekhez is eljuthatnak a befektetők. Ez azt jelenti, hogy a befektetők sokkal jobban diverzifikálhatják vagyonukat. A DEGIRO tökéletes választás az ügyeiket online intéző befektetők számára. A DEGIRO az utolsó különbséget is megszüntette az intézményi és lakossági befektetők között. Ez a különbség nem más, mint a szolgáltatások díja, amely alapvető fontosságú a magánbefektetők befektetéseinek megtérülése szempontjából.


Dear investor,

We are re-evaluating our strategy regarding our services in the Hungarian market. For now, we have decided to stop on-boarding new clients. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,